Summer projects and progresses  

Hey friends -- Happy July. My seven-month delay in making a blog post  is inexcusable but not really all that surprising. (Been “busy”?, scattered-brained, something like that?) Oops. Mostly this is due to the fact that I have been cutting some time away from my personal film photography projects and pushing towards developing a stronger base of freelance clients. I used to scoff at this idea (dunno why) and was pretty narrow-minded as far as what I thought I could accomplish as a photographer. Or more importantly, what I wanted to accomplish. I would say things like, “I will never be a wedding photographer.” I guess I thought it was something I wasn’t capable of doing, didn’t want to do, or would absolutely hate doing. This was so ridiculous of me, because it turns out none of that is true. I started working for some wedding photographers and realized that shooting weddings was just an extension of what I already do when I shoot my large-format portraits. Wait - I somehow magically translated my skillset that involves approaching naked strangers in the river and applied it towards my bright future as a wedding photographer? Well, it turns out all the same components are there, just delivered and executed in a different format. They both are dealing with humans and emotions and capturing these fleeting moments. Both embrace the awkward and the unexpected. Both have been challenging me in different ways and helping me evolve (is that a stretch?) as photographer and individual. 

Anyway, not going to flood this post with wedding photos but here is a link to my new sister-site, Joanna Kulesza Weddings . I am going to flood this post with some medium-format film I shot while in Nicaragua back in March! Below you will find my narrow document of San Juan del Sur. Nothing remarkable in here - Most common photos taken were of dogs and cemeteries. You’ve been warned. 

Untitled-13 copy.jpg

Fortunately,  I have just recently been able to bring a lot of my energy and focus back to my Creek series. I have been challenging myself to make more work than ever before for this project. In the past it was difficult for me to give it merit, since the story I am telling here isn’t linear or easy to define. I decided to quit stressin’ so much, and just go out and shoot. This *revolutionary* technique is proving to (mostly) work in my favor. I still constantly manage to fuck up film, no matter how many times I have done this before, or how meticulous or prudent I am.

img206 copy.jpg

Much more to come with this ongoing body of work. If you want to see some behind the scenes or process work with the Creek project, you should follow the Instagram account, I Love Texas Photo. I will be taking over the account for a few days sometime this week and posting iPhone snaps as I make portraits of strangers while lurking along the Austin Greenbelt.

Aaaaaand last but not least, the documentary film Jackson that I was so lucky to play a minor role in as a Production Assistant will be screening at Babes Fest on July 28th. I have some all-day guest passes to give away, so please get in touch if you are interested. First hi or hello will be the lucky recipient of a guest pass - don't start message me all at once now! This is a FREE pass to see comedy, film, and music by badass babes. AND an after party. Just sayin'.    

Talk to you soon, friends -- new and exciting photo things always on the horizon.